Who woke him up? Ex-CNN lefty Piers Morgan suddenly realizes Obama is a disaster as a president

Now that he’s getting a paycheck from the conservatives at the Daily Mail instead of Ted Turner’s libs at CNN, Piers Morgan has seen the light.

Photo Credit: Variety.com

In a scathing piece published on the Daily Mail website on Wednesday (wordily headlined, “A slapdash Secret Service detail isn’t what’s wrong with the White House – the real scandal is a President who is so complacent about protecting Americans”), the former CNN host accused President Obama of betraying the men and women of the American intelligence services, making the United States a sideline player in world affairs, and embarrassing himself and the country by golfing so much as the world burns around him.

“Far from making America stronger, Obama has made the world’s greatest military power look weak.

So weak that these Jihadist thugs think they can behead American citizens with impunity in glossy snuff movies.

Imagine how emboldened they must have felt when Obama made his ‘heartfelt’ speech about journalist James Foley’s execution, and was then seen laughing and joking on the golf course SEVEN MINUTES later.

So, the president’s ineptitude is actually a danger to the country? And the British subject Morgan is just now figuring it out after spewing his lefty garbage for years on American television?

Kind of makes you wonder whether Piers was reading newspapers or watching something other than his own show all that time with with CNN.

Then again, all that time his direct deposit was coming from Turner. Now that he’s on the payroll of one of the U.K.’s most conservative newspapers, he’s got a different take.

Funny how that works.


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