Nancy Pelosi predicts future Democrat sweep of the House: ‘Their days are numbered’

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., on Wednesday predicted a Democrat sweep of the U.S. House – in 2016.

“Their days are numbered,” she said of the Republicans at her weekly press conference, according to The Hill. “I know that in two years, I know we’ll have a Democratic Congress and a Democratic president.”

Pelosi insisted that she was not conceding the House to Republicans in the upcoming midterm elections in November. “I think we’ll do okay,” she said.

Pelosi criticized Republican goals, saying that the GOP has “no ideas.”

“They have nothing to offer the American people in terms of job creation, financial stability, lowering the cost of education, raising the minimum wage, stopping their tax breaks for their friends to send jobs overseas,” Pelosi said.

She also added – inexplicably – that Democrats were, in fact, defeating Republicans.

“We’ve out-mobilized them. We’ve out-recruited them. We’ve outraised them to a shameful extent. They’re desperate,” she said.

Precisely why Pelosi isn’t predicting a Democrat sweep in November based on those claims has left conservatives more than a little confused.

Watch Pelosi’s prediction here:


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