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Conservative author Brad Thor mocks Obama: Every zombie movie starts like this

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Conservative author Brad Thor brings a thriller-novelist’s eye to the current fears sparked by reports of the Ebola outbreak in Africa and the arrival of the infection in the United States.

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When he combines the news with the distrust engendered by the Obama administration’s cavalier approach to the truth – whether the issue is Obamacare, ISIS or the slaughter in Benghazi – the conclusions aren’t reassuring.

In a series of Twitter postings, Thor makes the point crystal clear. And he’s got no shortage of followers.

He starts by noting how pop culture has made Americans suspicious about government in general.

Then he gets very specific about how President Obama’s previous lies about Obamacare.

But it’s not just the health care debacle. The Ebola scare is coming at the same time, of course, that Americans are witnessing Islamist savages beheading fellow Americans in the desert sands.

And doing it without any fear of a United States president who can’t even admit he screwed up by underestimating the threat because it didn’t fit his political agenda.

That’s a point Thor hits with biting sarcasm.

And his readers get it.

Who indeed?

Even liberals have to be asking themselves this — if they don’t admit it on MSNBC.

H/T: Twitchy.com


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