Another frightening Okla. incident: Arabic man enters high school, asks ‘suspicious’ questions

As if the town of Moore, Okla., didn’t have enough to worry about, a suspicious man with a thick Arabic accent entered the high school through an unlocked door last week.

Police say the man went to the cafeteria and began asking “suspicious” questions of students, but would not elaborate on specifically what was asked, according to Fox affiliate KOKH-TV.

After holding a news conference releasing surveillance video, police located the man, who is cooperating with authorities. The man was only in the building for a few minutes and is not facing any charges.

Parents are upset that security was so lax the man was able to enter the building and that they were not notified of the incident until Wednesday, over a week after it happened.

Just last week, a Muslim convert man beheaded a coworker and attacked another before being shot by the company’s CEO. The same day in Oklahoma City, another man was arrested for threatening to behead a coworker.

Watch the report here via KOKH-TV:

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