What did Bob Beckel say in heated fight with co-hosts to get beeped like that?

The Five’s Bob Beckel is the liberal that everyone hates to love and loves to hate. He’s especially known for his on air slip-ups and use of vibrant language when he goes on a rant. For a while, Beckel had a personal swear jar, putting money in every time he used colorful language.

But Tuesday night, Beckel’s words got the best of him. His co-hosts were commenting on the president’s tendency to place political correctness above the safety and security of the nation, especially when it comes to the Islamic State and the Islamic religion.

“He’s always been concerned with Islamophobia,” Gutfeld said in the discussion. “So the idea that PC trumps safety– he would almost agree with it because that’s– that’s his belief. He believes that there’s an American potential for backlash, and that might affect our appeal worldwide. That’s what he is worried about.”

Dana Perino jumped in and said she believed that the president’s lack of action is intentional.

“Not acting is a decision,” Perino said.

Shortly after, Beckel put his hands over his face and lost it. “That is an unbelievable comment! I don’t…”and the audio cut back for nearly five seconds.

We still don’t know exactly what he said, but it must have been a doozy.

Watch the video below: Beckel’s rant begins around  the 13 minute mark.

Hannah Bleau


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