SOS from priest in Baghdad: Iraqi soldier’s chilling confession makes him a sitting duck as ISIS arrives

A Christian priest serving in Baghdad to promote ‘peace, love and Christianity’ relayed a chilling message on “The Kelly File” via satellite Tuesday.

The Rev. Canon Andrew, who warned in an “SOS” on Facebook Monday that ISIS was coming, reiterated to host Megyn Kelly that he is a sitting duck.

Terrorists “are on the verge of entering Baghdad… All the military air strikes are doing nothing. If ever we need your prayer it is now,” he wrote.

Andrew told Kelly that he doesn’t feel safe despite the 35 Iraqi soldiers who guard him to protect his team’s efforts of brokering peace between Sunni and Shiites.

Andrew recalled a recent conversation with one of the soldiers. He asked his protector what he would do if he saw ISIS coming toward him.

“I would take off my uniform,” the man replied.

“Why are you in the Army then? Why are you a soldier?” Andrew asked.

In a  frightening response the soldier admitted he does it for the money.

Even with a certain target on his back, the respected priest said he isn’t afraid for himself, but for the Christians who may be slaughtered by the monsters.

Watch via “The Kelly File” :

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Michele Kirk


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