Secret Service director resigns as leaks about security embarrassments pile up

One day after a miserable appearance before the House Oversight Committee and amid news of yet another security breach around President Obama, Secret Service Director Julia Pierson turned in her resignation on Wednesday.

juliapierson1001newAt Tuesday’s hearing, Pierson, the first woman to hold the post, came under fire for a Sept. 19 intrusion that saw a man armed with a small knife climb the fence surrounding the White House, cross a lawn, then get into as far into the building itself as the East Room before being apprehended.

Pierson’s responses to questions about that incident, as well as a 2011 incident in which at least seven shots were fired at the White House that the Secret Service originally dismissed as a car backfiring were distinctly unsatisfactory to even Democrats on the committee.

In her testimony, Pierson acknowledged that she is responsible for telling the president about security breaches, but neglected to tell the lawmakers about an incident that occurred in Atlanta in which an armed convicted felon managed to ride in an elevator with Obama without Secret Service agents knowing he was carrying a gun. 

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director into a corner as only he can

Even the most partisan Democrats in Congress were turning against Pierson by the end of the day Tuesday, according to CNN and other news outlets.

In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Maryland Democrat Elijah Cummings, a member of the oversight committee, all but said she was done.

“I want her to go if she cannot restore trust in the agency and if she cannot get the culture back in order,” he said.

Or how about this zinger from Rep. Stephen Lynch from Massachusetts.

That’s gotta hurt.

According to the Daily Caller, the agency will be run by retired agent Joseph Clancy until Obama appoints a replacement.

Check out CNN’s coverage here.


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