MSNBC’s Matthews: Is Secret Service ‘laying down on the job because they don’t like’ Obama?

chris-matthewsWith lapses in security to protect President Barack Obama in the headlines, it was only a matter of time before someone posited that the Secret Service may be “laying down on the job” because of a dislike of the president.

It comes as no surprise that it happened on the pro-Obama network MSNBC.

“Hardball” host Chris Matthews cleverly introduced the idea that the Secret Service may want harm to befall the president by dismissing the possibility that the agency would want harm to befall the president.

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And while he offers no reason why the agency would not “like” Obama, given Matthews track record of injecting race into issues involving Obama, it doesn’t take much imagination to know where he’s going with this.

“Do you think there might be some suspicions, not that we’re looking for conspiracies… that somehow Obama is being exposed to more dangers because somebody doesn’t like him?” Matthews asked Tuesday.

Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart, a panelist on Tuesday’s show, added credence to the idea when he said he was seeing the concern raised on his Twitter feed.

“There are a lot of people who are asking questions,” he said. “There are all these new stories where it looks like, you know, why all of the sudden are we seeing these huge dangers?”

When Bloomberg reporter Jeanne Cummings jumped in to dismiss the idea that the agency may be “laying down on the job” because they don’t like Obama, as Matthews injected, Capehart backed off on the idea that this is what he thinks by saying it’s what he’s seeing on his Twitter feed.

Having already classified the whole idea as “conspiracy theories,” Matthews covered himself further by commending the Secret Service as the segment comes to an end.

See the exchange here, courtesy of Newsbusters:

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