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Uproar: NFL fans claim Muslim player was penalized for Islamic prayer after TD

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More negative attention descended upon the National Football League Monday night when Kansas City Chiefs’ safety Husain Abdullah was penalized for sliding across the field and praying in a prostrate position after he scored a touchdown.

Sadly, the move immediately became a race and religion issue in the eyes of some fans.

Comparisons to Tim Tebow taking a knee piled up on Twitter.

In a post-game radio interview, Abdullah put the call into perspective, admitting that it was likely the slide that prompted the flag, not the prayer itself. (You can hear the interview below). That didn’t stop some fans from being outraged at what they said was clearly “anti-Muslim bias.”

Abdullah was asked by 610 Sports Radio about  the penalty after the game. He was pretty sure it was because of the slide. “I got carried away,” he admitted.

Michele Kirk


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