Hannity faces radical Muslim cleric again in first post-jail interview

Fox News’ Sean Hannity went another round with radical Muslim Imam Anjem Choudary debating the Islamic State and the killing of innocent people.

This was Choudary’s first interview since his arrest for suspicion of involvement in a terrorist plot in London last week.

Hannity’s frustration with the cleric was apparent on Monday’s show as Choudary said the media coverage on recent beheadings by ISIS was “very biased.”

Choudary blamed the lack of stability and security in the country due to British and U.S. foreign policy as the reason for ISIS taking extreme actions, failing to acknowledge that those being killed are innocent.

“One guy was an aid worker that went to Syria to help innocent children,” Hannity said. “I hardly think he was a guy that deserved to have his head chopped off because you believe in a caliphate.”

Declaring that he did not get his news from Fox News or the BBC, Choudary said that “Christians and Jews are living quite peacefully in the Islamic State.”

When asked if he would like to join ISIS, Choudary said that he would “love to live under Sharia,” but his passport had been taken and it was impossible for him to travel there.

Hannity asked the cleric if he believes whether someone who is a suicide bomber will receive 72 virgins for killing innocent people, and pressed Choudary on whether he receives welfare benefits.

Watch the tense interview here via Fox News:

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