Dr. Ben Carson: US History curriculum so anti-American, students ‘ready to go sign up for ISIS’

Dr. Ben Carson said Monday that the current AP U.S. History curriculum is so anti-American that it will cause students “to go sign up for ISIS.”

“I am a little shocked quite frankly looking at the AP course in American history that’s being taught in high schools across our country right now,” Carson said.

Ben CarsonThe retired neurosurgeon and likely 2016 Republican presidential candidate was speaking at the Center for Security Policy’s National Security Action Summit when he mentioned the importance of understanding the nation’s history.

But Carson said that the AP curriculum is far too biased against the United States, largely skipping over positive aspects of American history and focusing on negative episodes.

“There’s only two paragraphs in there about George Washington. George Washington! Believe it or not. Little or nothing about Dr. Martin Luther King.”

As examples of the negative bias, he mentioned “a whole section on slavery and how evil [Americans] are,” the killing of millions of Japanese with two atomic bombs in World War II, and other events.

“I think most people when they finish that course, they’d be ready to go sign up for ISIS,” he said. “I mean, this is what we’re doing to the young people in our nation.”

Carson called for a curriculum containing a little less self-recrimination.

“We have got to stop crucifying ourselves,” he argued. “Have we made mistakes as a nation? Of course we have. Why? Because we’re people. And all people make mistakes.”

Watch a clip from Dr. Carson’s comments here:


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