‘Utterly shocking’: Woman, 52, battles carjacker through sheer grit – and wins!

The female executive of a pest control company in England wasn’t afraid to handle the rat who tried to carjack her vehicle on Friday.

In a thrilling video, 52-year-old Deborah Smythe is shown battling the carjacker after he tried to steal the vehicle while she was outside of it unlocking a gate to a parking lot, according to the Manchester Evening News.

carjack0929newerThe video begins with Smythe pulling up to the gate. The thief comes from the street and jump into the driver’s side of the Audi Q3.  Smythe, who is wearing white fittingly enough, leaps up to battle the thug and won’t let go of the wheel. She hangs on even when the carjacker puts the vehicle into reverse and drives into potentially deadly traffic.

Eventually, the man gives up before Smythe does, and flees the scene on foot.

According to the Evening News, one reason Smythe was so valiant was the car contained her passport and money for a vacation she planned to leave on later Friday to Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

Smythe, a managing director of Greencare UK Ltd., a pest control company that helps homes and businesses get rid of rodents, insects and birds, wasn’t about to let a two-legged weasel ruin it for her.

Police call Smythe’s battle “utterly shocking.”

Smythe’s daughter, Louise Fielding, told the Evening News that Smythe and her husband and gone off on vacation as planned — that – and that the publicity from the attempted carjacking and Smythe’s heroic response has been overwhelming.

“I’ve told her to just put her phone down, forget about it and enjoy her holiday,” Fielding said. “She’s just so grateful to everyone who has shown support. It’s been amazing. The number of people who have been in contact about it is unbelievable. She’s absolutely gobsmacked to be honest.”

Imagine how that loser who tried to steal the car feels.

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