Red-faced host completely botches interview with actors in awkward, but hilarious FAIL

You have to be really skilled or really lucky to get away with winging an interview that you haven’t prepared for.

This guy was neither.

KWGN’s Chris Parente was supposed to interview “Saturday Night Live” alums Kristen Wiig’s and Bill Hader as they promoted their new movie “The Skeleton Twins.”

He started off faking it well, but ended up way off track when he mixed up Wiig’s previous movie with the one he was supposed to be promoting.

“Kristen, I am thinking, on this program, of doing the news completely full-frontal, completely nude,” Parente said. “Do you recommend that? Do you have advice for going nude?”

Ooops. That was where it all went wrong.  It wasn’t just an awkward question, but it revealed that the “caffeinated” host had not even seen the film he was raving about.

The baffled guests tried to save the day with humor and ended up laughing so hard they were nearly crying.

Watch it unfold via YouTube:

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Michele Kirk


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