Couple sues cops who charged into their home, confiscated cellphone

A Pennsylvania couple has filed a lawsuit against three police officers who they claim entered their home without permission to seize a cellphone that was recording the officers’ aggressive behavior.

Police came to the Collingdale home of Kia and Michael Gaymon after a neighbor complained about a guest’s car that was parked on the curb, according to Philadelphia’s NBC10.

One officer yelled at the couple in an “aggressive and accusatory manner,” according to Kia Gaymon, asking which one of them spit on the neighbor. The couple denied any wrongdoing, but the officer’s behavior escalated.

“His behavior was so aggressive that the first thing I thought was to pull out my phone and video,” Mrs. Gaymon told NBC10.

While recording outside her front door, the officer approached her demanding that she stop.

“He told me that if I continued to video he was going to come in my house and confiscate my phone and place me under arrest,” Mrs. Gaymon said.

What happened next is described by NBC10:

According to the lawsuit, the officer told Mrs. Gaymon she couldn’t record him because it violated Pennsylvania’s wiretap statute. Mr. Gaymon and the couple’s 21-year-old daughter Sanshuray Purnell told the officer he was wrong however and that she had the legal right to record. The lawsuit states the officer then told Mrs. Gaymon that if she didn’t stop recording him he would enter her home, take away her cellphone and arrest her.

After Mrs. Gaymon refused to let him inside the home, the officer allegedly moved towards Purnell, handcuffed her and threatened to use his taser against her. Mrs. Gaymon says a second officer then escorted Purnell away from the scene.

The Gaymons’ 10-year-old son can be seen crying frantically as police take his mother and sister away, arrested for disorderly conduct.

“The actions that are described in the citation are for videoing the officer,” the family’s attorney Jonathan Fienberg said. “It’s not a crime.”

After a judge heard testimony of the incident, the charges were dismissed.

Watch the report here via NBC10:

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