We have ‘brilliant attack’ plan: Canadian ISIS recruit warns West in chilling exclusive interview

A young Canadian who abandoned his country to fight with the Islamic State revealed a murderous agenda in a recent chilling interview.

Vice News tracked 21-year-old Somali-Canadian Farah Shirdon, also known as Abu Usamah Somali, through social media to Mosul, Iraq, to conduct the exclusive interview.

The young terrorist explained how he was interrogated and let go prior to leaving Canada for the Middle East.

“All the intelligence workers are imbeciles,” he said. “I can’t believe how someone that has extremist terrorist ideologies was sitting in front of you and you didn’t capture him. The next time they saw me, they saw me ripping up my passport.”

He was referring to a propaganda video showing Shirdon ripping and burning his passport, saying “We are going for you, Barack Obama.”

Shirdon claims as many as 15,000 foreign fighters have joined ISIS in the country, adding that there “thousands upon thousands” of others ready to strike in the west, specifically including New York.

“A lot of brothers there are mobilizing right now,” he said, going only so far as to say their plan consists of a “brilliant attack.”

ISIS is holding thousands of terrorists that they plan to behead and they want to make slaves of those who oppose them, Shirdon said.

Watch the chilling interview here via Vice News:

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