Louisiana restaurant offers heat-packing incentive: Way to weed out gun-grabbers!

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While a number of businesses are welcoming customers carrying firearms, a Louisiana restaurant has taken it a step further – offering an incentive to gun-toting diners.

Bergeron’s Restaurant, located in Port Allen, is offering a 10 percent discount to any patron packing heat, according to local affiliate NBC33.

“I just need to see a weapon,” owner Kevin Cox said. “I need you to be carrying a gun.”

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Cox first only offered law enforcement officers the discount, but other gun-toting customers wanted similar consideration, NBC33 reported.

Cox said he was only too happy to oblige.

“As long as everybody has a gun, we’re all the same size,” he told NBC33.

Cox called it a safety measure, at a time when other businesses are taking a different tack.

“I keep hearing so much about people banning guns,” he said. “Target’s banning guns, and these people are banning guns. Don’t they realize that that’s where people with guns are going to go? I want to take the opposite approach. How can I make my place safer?”

The restaurant known for its Cajun cooking appears to be a fairly safe place. Cox hands out 15 to 20 discounts a day, NBC33 reported.

“There’s so many people who are trying to take our guns away, and the government makes stricter gun laws,” customer Olivia Carambat said. “They forget that we really do, we’re given the right in the Constitution to keep and bear arms.”

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