‘Lone Survivor’ Luttrell explains ‘epic’ Facebook post on unbelievable rules for dating his daughter

Famous former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell has a good sense of humor and a harsh message for future suitors of his 2-year-old little girl.

The author of the best-selling book “Lone Survivor,” outlined his expectations for anyone who will want to date his daughter Addie and it was a little over the top. 

In a recent “Fox and Friends” interview, where he showed off his softer, funnier side, Luttrell explained the intimidating message in Wednesday’s “epic Facebook post.”

Luttrell said that his daughter’s decision to write all over her body with markers prompted him to think about the “tattoo conversation” he would have to have with her, which somehow led to thoughts of future boyfriends. A scene with Ice Cube in the movie “21 Jump Street” spurred more visions of the future, he said, which led to the post.

He admitted, lightheartedly, that he might not be as intimidating when the time comes, so he is getting an early start.

“I hope she finds somebody who loves her unconditionally and treats her well and loves her as much as I love her mother,” he said in the end. 

Check out the “Fox and Friends” interview where Luttrell also shares a secret about his first meeting with Mark Wahlberg, who played Luttrell in the blockbuster movie based on his book.

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