Video: Deputy fires Taser twice to stun pit bull attacking family

Florida’s Flagler County Sheriff’s Department was forced to use a Taser to stun a pit bull after it “chewed its way through the door” in a house, attacking three people.

By the time deputies arrived on the scene Tuesday, the dog had already bitten two women, Georgia Rose, 36 and her mother Thelma Rose, 62.

The women rushed into a bathroom of the house with Georgia Rose’s baby, Live Leak reported.

Deputy Trevor Jacob tried to subdue the dog, but he was forced to stun the animal after he witnessed the pit bull attacking another member of the household, Lloyd Rose.

“Once at the front of the home, I observed the pit bull actively biting Lloyd’s arm as he was trying to restrain it by the collar,” the report stated.

After the officer handled the dog, it got back up to attack again, and Jacob was forced to use the Taser a second time.

The victims were immediately brought to Florida Hospital Flagler for treatment of their injuries, Flagler Live reported.

“Georgia had injuries on both wrists, Thelma had injuries on her head and left wrist and Lloyd had injuries to both wrists,” Jacob added.

According to the family, the dog belonged to Georgia Rose’s brother, Lloyd Rose Jr.

The dog was later killed.

Watch the chilling police video below:

Hannah Bleau


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