Former ‘American Idol’ singer Clay Aiken running for Congress — and away from Obama

Clay Aiken,  running for Congress in North Carolina’s 2nd District, is best known for his singing voice.

Turns out he’s a pretty good tap dancer, too.

Aiken first rose to fame after his second-place finish in the second season of “American Idol.” Since then, he has released six albums but said he’s “always been interested in politics,” according to an interview in the Sept. 28 The New York Times Magazine.

Aiken was asked for his thoughts on President Obama, whose low approval ratings are widely seen to be a drag on Democrat candidates heading into the November elections.

That’s when the singer displayed his fancy footwork.

Do you think Obama has been a good president? I think every president is on a sliding scale somewhere. There are certainly areas where I disagree with him.

Do you want him to come campaign for you? I don’t need that. We’re doing well.

You’re good at staying on message. Years of being told: “When you get on that talk-show couch, make sure to plug your album.” That’s why.

Fans will be disappointed to learn that Aiken is not expected to win his heavily Republican district. But for conservatives, it’s probably just as well.

The last thing Washington needs is another song and dance man.

From his younger days, here’s Clay Aiken singing “The Way.” (Sorry, no tap dancing.)


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