Under the radar: Obama signed executive order allowing illegals to serve in US military

IllegalsMilitary2While the country was focused on the resignation of Eric Holder, who many consider to be the most questionable attorney general America has ever employed, President Barack Obama was busy behind the scenes wrapping up an executive order that will allow illegal immigrants to serve in the United States military.

The president revised the Department of Defense policy that once prohibited illegal immigrants from joining the ranks of the armed forces, to now welcome them to serve for a country in which they are not legal, Military Times reported.

According to the report:

The new rules will expand an existing program allowing recruiters to target foreign nationals with high-demand skills, mostly rare foreign language expertise or specialized health care training.
For the first time, the program — known as Military Accessions Vital to National Interest, or MAVNI — will be open to immigrants without a proper visa if they came to the U.S. with their parents before age 16. More specifically, they must be approved under a 2012 Obama administration policy known as Deferred Action for Child Arrivals, or DACA.

This decision was made despite the president’s previous vow to postpone any action on amnesty that would allow millions of immigrants to remain in the U.S.

“The new DoD policy may be the first phase of a broader governmentwide effort to ease pressure on immigrants and create new paths to citizenship,” the report stated.

Pro-amnesty group America’s Voice, championed the president’s move, saying, “this foray into executive action is a fig leaf that pretends to help Dreamers but will, in fact, help virtually no one,” Breitbart reported.

The Obama Administration is certainly not making any conservative friends when it comes to illegal immigration. With every executive order on the issue, America’s borders seem to become progressively more insecure, while any movement on amnesty order has been intentionally delayed until after the midterm elections.

Amanda Shea

Amanda Shea

As a regular writer for multiple conservative news outlets, Amanda is passionate about politics and current issues affecting our country.
Amanda Shea


44 thoughts on “Under the radar: Obama signed executive order allowing illegals to serve in US military

  1. Greg says:

    I am so mad I don’t think I can articulate my anger about this well.

    Anyone with common sense should realize placing illegal immigrants in the armed forces places our military at greater risks. Seriously, do we need any further signs to establish the United States of America has an enemy in office holding the position of President? Obama is nothing more than an enemy of the United States by every action he takes.

    If Republicans win the Senate and I hope they do, I encourage them to put an end to every executive order this President has signed. Each one of them has done nothing to strengthen the country.

    1. Jamal Warner says:

      I guess the one that allowed Illegal alien to walk across the border and not be immediately deported has helped. It required that illegal people have to go through the court system in order to be deported. (Signed By George Bush Jr)

      1. Gary Daniel Rains says:

        Fu-k you ass hole, you Obama Di-k sucker.

        1. Jamal Warner says:

          Said like a butt hurt republicant. Little pig in a blanket.

        2. Doug says:

          Don’t hold it in Gary. If you’re upset let it out. It’s cathartic.

      2. Rip Rogers says:

        Facto…I thought Geo JR had already accepted illegals into the military BTW…

        1. Jamal Warner says:

          The United States has always accepted people that had special skills or armed forces lacked. Thanks to more skilled foreigners we outsource most of our intelligent abilities.

          1. Anthony says:

            So THAT is why we brought all of our Software Engineering jobs back to the US, except, of course, this administration which outsourced to a company from Canada that the Canadian government fired.. Here I thought that Calculus was for stupid people. Silly me.

          2. Jamal Warner says:

            The United States outsource most of the jobs once done by the CIA, such as the one Snowden had. Its cheaper to hire foreign workers which have relax work laws and cheap labor.

      3. eaglestalon says:

        So you are actually CRITICIZING a law which calls for “due process” before an ALLEGED ILLEGAL” is deported?
        I guess that makes sense in your head cutting Muzzy world.

        1. Jamal Warner says:

          Now its due process. The mere fact that Republicants are trying so bad to deport them as soon as they step foot on US soil speaks volumes. People here will criticize the president for his actions of letting them stay for “due process”, but won’t criticize the previous president for his actions citing “allowing illegals to stay”.

    2. teila says:

      Oh good grief. You act as if something big just happened creating this big change in the military. The military has used Korean nationals, and other foreign people (people with green cards) in the military for DECADES.

      This new bit of news isn’t really news. The pipeline has always been open for non US Citizens to serve, all this did is add another pipeline the size of a straw for additional servicemen and women.

      I think the real takeaway here is how unread the general public is… to the point of embarrassment and shame.

      Most Mexicans who’ve spoke Spanish all their life can’t make it through the language school (one of the tougher military schools and or additional skill identifier), so it’s not like we’ll have a flood of translators. Now tell me, how the few that make it will prove to be a detriment to our nation’s military. We have hard enough time getting U.S. kids through the language schools.

  2. Jamal Warner says:

    This article is misleading. This is the type of stuff FoxNews pull. This article makes it seem like people are jumping the border and signing up for the armed forces. That is not how it works. Its like when the soldiers were working in Iraq and they used Iraqi translators. They have been using foreign nationals for years in the armed forces. How do you think the intelligence services gather information in these foreign countries? They use foreign assets, which some become us citizens as a result.

    I think this article needs to clear up some of the misconception.

    1. Mazie Kirk says:

      It isn’t misleading at all. It CLEARLY says who is eligible. Comprehension is everything.

      1. Rip Rogers says:

        Yes it says illegal aliens are welcome with their hate America attitudes just as they have always been to cheap labor BUSINESS.

      2. Jamal Warner says:

        Comprehension is everything. Considering the United States has always used foreigners in our Armed Forces.

    2. Rip Rogers says:

      If it sounds like an illegal alien then it is an illegal alien…

      1. Jamal Warner says:

        Illegal person not alien, this term is overused so much. It used to demean people below the status of human. You must not have read my post because I spoke of the Armed forces use of foreign people.

      2. Doug says:

        If it quacks like a duck….

    3. eaglestalon says:

      Misleading? You mean like the Muzzy Major who KILLED all those soldiers in Fort Hood?
      Alahu Akbar you As*hole.

      1. Jamal Warner says:

        Or maybe the US soldiers who killed innocent Iraqi. There is blood on both sides.

      2. teila says:

        … in contrast to all the assaults, rapes, and blatant murders of suspected gay soldiers on Ft. Riley in the 90’s and myriad of problems when there was a great influx of units to the base a few years ago?

        … in contrast to all the stolen goods that were stolen from fenced in areas on Hood, Brag, Riley, Polk, and other bases where U.S. born soldiers (most white if that statistic matters to you) stole from people in their own units that were away fighting the war in Iraq?

        You see, if you’re going to engage, then bring facts. The fact of the matter is when you read the blotter reports on most bases across the U.S. and overseas, the problem people are lower enlisted white males, usually in jobs that don’t require much brain power to get into, but I won’t delve into that. If we start talking about the Marines in many cases it gets worse (remember what I said about brain power). We’ll save that for another day.

        1. eaglestalon says:

          Where is your PROOF, liberal?

          The savage demented muzzie KILLED 13 soldiers, got that?

          1. teila says:

            From my own experience having to analyze blotter trends for nearly every unit on several bases.

            You can get the same information without names and ssn numbers of course, by writing away for it.

            13 doesn’t hold a candle to all the deaths, rapes, and other assaults at the hands of the mainstream soldier, sailor, marine or airman.

    4. lorettaschlothauer says:

      Did I miss something? Did Fox news write this article?

      1. Theresa Easley says:

        Libs just get off on attacking Fox News whenever they can. It seems they are threatened by Fox News.

      2. Jamal Warner says:

        Might as well its the same talking points.

    5. teila says:

      No, the article is clear enough. People just need to take time to read and process what is being said before quipping.

      1. Jamal Warner says:

        The article is not clear. It is misleading and full of loaded terms.

        1. teila says:

          Well, I guess that would depend on your comprehension level. Loaded terms aren’t facts so they don’t matter. Extract that facts and the piece is a real simple read.

          Remember how you were taught to study for the SAT or the LSAT… the comprehension reading section? Extracting the facts from the passage… 😉

          1. Jamal Warner says:

            Loaded terms tends to try and persuade one to lean toward one opinion than another. LSAT?

      2. Jamal Warner says:

        No, people need to disconnect from misleading articles that try to get them lean toward the right.

  3. Gary Daniel Rains says:

    What else are we Americans going to let this ass hole f–k up our country, someone take this bastard out!!!!!

    1. Jamal Warner says:

      Someone please put this old hen out his misery.

    2. Rip Rogers says:

      Both parties must be re-purposed…TEA for me.

  4. Doug says:

    I’ll see your DACA and raise you a MAVNI.

  5. Anthony says:

    One of the problems with this is that they have to actually be able to communicate in English. I know libtards, this causes an uproar for you, but I’ve seen kids kicked out of boot camp because they couldn’t speak English.

    1. qqrrsstt says:

      Speaking English and serving in the military — under Obama — have zero connection. Just like graduating high school and speaking English. Just like being a federal employee and speaking English. Spanish is A-Okay, and any English speaker who doesn’t speak Spanish to accomodate all the new Illegal Citizens is … RACIST.

      Meaning, basic training — just like public high school, just like any federal gov’t office — now does at least 50% of its work in Spanish, with English thrown in here and there if somebody’s feeling “generous”. Better learn garbage street Spanish fast (because the millions of pieces of garbage that Obama has invited in, sure don’t speak “Castilian Spanish”).

      1. Anthony says:

        Some good points, but the Marine Corps requires that people are able to effectively communicate in English, both written and verbally. It is also required that while formally communicating that it be done in English. While speaking another language is not frowned upon, as soon as it comes time for orders to be given, formation, etc then it must be done in English.

  6. Noah Dawson says:

    The Military used to allow legal immigrants into its ranks even though they had not become full fledged citizens. But not illegal immigrants. But while I was in the Marines I talked to one of the legal immigrants from mexico. At the time I was really happy to see him there. That was until I talked to him. It was the time back in 2005 when illegal immigration was starting to male the news with you guessed it, the nation had “12,000,000” illegal immigrants. (Funny how that number never changes, it must have been grabbed from a census on how many illegals could the nation say they had with out people going ballistic and that was the magic number). But I asked him if he would fight if we went to war with mexico, and he said NO. This is a legal immigrant mind you and he wouldn’t even stand by the country he had sworn to defend. I have seen many mexicans in the military and they support mexico over America. If it came down to it they would fight for mexico not us. Now i’m not talking about Americans who happen to have lineage to mexico. But kicking out Americans in the military and stacking it full of illegals is not going to help the security of this nation, its going to hurt it. This president is a domestic enemy of the nation

  7. Zu schlau für diese Scheiße says:

    Well… when Americans won’t kill Americans, and that IS the agenda here… then you have to go outside the box and get individuals that will… hope they’re bullet proof…

  8. nococidences says:

    There is a law that specifically prohibits illegal aliens from joining the military because they are not vital to our national interests, they are against our national interests, common sense is a uncommon thing with Barack. Barack laid off 2000 Military field officers this week, and last week he’s hiring 1500 illegal aliens. Put the enemy right next to the soldier. Into friendly fire are we? They are sleepers. I am sick of your poop. Tell me one more time, what does hiring illegal aliens have to do with the genocide that was committed against me? Save it, you are fired..leave.

  9. Russell says:

    He should have been impeached and jailed a while ago but everyone is afraid of being termed a racist. Rather have the country fall,I guess.

  10. Debra Blouin says:

    It is one thing to volunteer to serve, as a declared foreign national, in the armed forces of another nation; i believe many US pilots did just that in WWI for Britain prior to our entry into the war. it is another thing to serve not as a foreign volunteer but as one essentially misrepresenting his position. I read of an American pilot in WWI who did not receive British citizenship but did lose his American citizenship for taking an oath to the King.

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