Megyn Kelly presses Marie Harf on Obama’s big mistake: ‘It must have been embarrassing for you’

State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf looked Megyn Kelly in the eyes Thursday night and denied any regret on the part of of the White House for the president’s public invocation of a controversial Muslim cleric who called for the death of US soldiers.

Harf doubled down on the mention Obama made in a speech to the United Nations general assembly this week.

Kelly was dumbfounded at the position Harf took, given that the State Department itself had apologized for posting a tweet touting the “scholar’s scholar.” After realizing Sheikh Abdallah bin Bayyah called for the killing of Americans in 2004, the department deleted the tweet.

“What we’re judging him by is what he says very openly right now about the fact that Muslims should reject ISIS’s ideology,” said Harf.

Kelly immediately asked a second time about the cleric’s fatwa to kill Americans. “This is a problem, Marie!”

Backed into a corner Harf did what the administration has apparently trained all its minions to do, she cried “misinformation.”

That word was a trigger for the prepared host who stopped Harf in her tracks with more facts.

Yet, Harf insisted that the “killing of Americans” part shouldn’t be the focus here.

Not buying her act, Kelly pressed. “Come on, be honest,” she said, “ be honest that must have been embarrassing for you.

“They’re putting you in a very difficult position, aren’t they?”

“Not at all,” Harf replied in her most convincing tone.

“Then why did the State Department apologize for retweeting his musings? asked Kelly.

Kelly could only laugh at the foolishness of Harf’s answer.

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Michele Kirk


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