Fox’s Eric Bolling issues mea culpa for ‘boobs on the ground’ remark

Fox News’ Eric Bolling issued the apology Thursday that everyone knew was coming.

Bolling apologized for the smart remark he made about the first female pilot for the United Arab Emirates who led Monday’s airstrikes in Syria during the “One More Thing” segment of Wednesday’s “The Five.”

“Would that be considered boobs on the ground?” he asked.

Even colleague Greta Van Susteren was not amused, saying on her show, “the gents on “The Five” should get a do-over on that one.”

So Bolling stepped up with his mea culpa.

“I made a joke and when I got home, I got the look,” Bolling said of his remark. “I said sorry to my wife and I apologize to you all and want to make that very clear.”

Wait, where’s Gutfeld’s apology?

“Problem is, after she bombed it, she couldn’t park it,” Greg Gutfeld said.

Watch Bolling’s apology via Fox News:

If you missed the segment, you can watch it here:

Awkward! ‘The Five’ guys insult UAE’s first female pilot: ‘Boobs on the ground’

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