‘Beach babes’ busted taking beach gear sue Fox News for painting them as thieves

beach-sisterIt wasn’t enough that two brazen sisters were allegedly caught red handed as they helped themselves to beach gear that belonged to another family, the ladies have now dared to sue Fox News for portraying them as thieves.

The owner of the gear captured on video sisters Kathleen Duffy and Linda Duffy Kelly as they struggled to take down his beach canopy on the 4th of July in New Smyrna Beach, Fla.

The video went viral after being posted on YouTube, with more than 7.8 million views at last count, and was picked up by news outlets all across the country.

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But the sisters singled out Fox News.

According to TMZ:

The women claim in a new lawsuit … Fox News painted them as thieves. One anchor called it an “attempted theft.” Some of the other comments … “caught stealing” and “caught red handed.”

In the video, one of the sisters gets real hot when the owner calmly instructed her to “step away from my shit.”

TMZ reported that the sisters say they were confused and thought the canopy was theirs, even though there were children’s toys and other items in the area.

The choice of Fox News as a target for litigation may be a tip off to the sister’s likely political leanings.


Tom Tillison


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