‘You poked my heart!’ Cutest toddler argument ever

This brave little boy thinks he can win an argument with, not one, but TWO feisty little blonde girls. He’s out of his mind. An epic argument […]

Under the radar: Obama signed executive order allowing illegals to serve in US military

While the country was focused on the resignation of Eric Holder, who many consider to be the most questionable attorney general America has ever employed, President Barack […]

A single word on a HS marching band’s uniforms caused an uproar

A single word on apublic high school’smarching band uniforms caused atheists to grumble. The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) wrote a letter to School District Superintendent Dave […]

University ad tells RAPISTS to blow warning whistle before committing rape

With many U.S. colleges under scrutiny for mishandling sexual assault allegations, the University of Colorado Boulder has distributed fliers intended to help combat sexual violence on campus […]

Congregation breaks out in tears, stunned at what the pastor did with the church’s money

The Holy Spirit is unpredictable. The congregation of one Chicago church arrived for a recent Sunday night service to discover that the pastor’s topic for the meeting […]

Wyoming capital becoming ‘Cheyenne-istan’: More handouts, more Somalian Muslim aliens

When thinking of Wyoming, aka the “Cowboy State,” it’s not often that Somalia comes to mind, but and refugees from the Muslim majority war-torn country […]

Murdered border patrol agent’s sister: Eric Holder can run, but he can’t hide

Attorney General Eric Holder‘s decision to resign comes on the heels of acourt ruling thatthe Department of Justice must “cough up” documents tied to the “Fast and […]

Eric Bolling
Fox’s Eric Bolling issues mea culpa for ‘boobs on the ground’ remark

Fox News’ Eric Bolling issued the apology Thursday that everyone knew was coming. Bolling apologized for the smart remark he made about the first female pilot for […]

Beheading in Oklahoma; police say man was trying to convert co-workers to Islam

Police in Moore Oklahoma could not immediately link the beheading of a womanby a male colleague Thursday to terrorism, but witnesses told police that suspect Alton Alexander […]

University provides first ‘humanist chaplain’ for students – Huh?

Tufts University is now offering academia’s first university-funded “humanist chaplain” after five years of complaints from atheist and agnostic students. Called a “humanist in residence,” the new […]

Republicans have tattoos
New ad campaign, ‘Republicans are people too,’ dares to shatter stereotypes

A new ad campaign has been launched to remind everyone that Republicans are people too. The video, produced by former Mitt Romney ad man, Vinny Minchillo, informs […]

News 12 The Bronx anchor
Anchor on hot mic bashes government assistance programs using colorful language, angers viewers

A New York news anchor didn’t know the mic was on and the live camera rolling on Wednesday when he and a reporter cursed and jed about […]