Hidden video gives nightmare look at life for women under the Islamic State

Westerners can get a look at the dystopian life of those ruled by the Islamic State, thanks to video taken by a woman who wore a hidden camera under her stifling traditional Muslim garb.

syriavideo0925newThe video was taken in February and March in Raqqa in north-central Syria, where the so-called “caliphate” has established its capital — and which will soon be turned to rubble by American bombs.

First seen in the West on the TV station French 2 and narrated in French with English subtitles, it’s a strange look at how ordinary life can be even under extraordinary conditions imposed by madmen: A woman taking children to play walks fully swathed in an identity-smothering niquab but with an AK-47 slung over her shoulder; a strange man threatening the camera-wearer for failing to cover her face adequately.

(There is a discordant note here. The conversation between the two takes place in French rather than Arabic, leading some Twitter users to question whether the whole thing is a set up but France was the colonial power in the Levant and its influence remains in the region.)

Even an Internet café carries elements of the surreal as the hidden camera records women who traveled to this nightmare state by choice: electing of their own free will to live in a land where their lives are limited to being servants, cooks and baby factories — chattel who are now under threat of death by American air assault, no less.

Talking by video link, these misguided souls defend the choice to their families at home in France – and you can almost hear the weeping mothers on the other end.

Check it out here via youTube. It might bring a shudder, but it’s worth it.

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