Feds opening huge taxpayer-funded, amenity-laden housing facility for illegal immigrants

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While the Obama administration offers lip service on stemming the flow of illegal immigrants to the southern border, it continues to ramp up efforts to handle the flood of humanity.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement will open a massive facility in South Texas in November to house illegal immigrant mothers with children — the third facility to open in recent months, Fox News reported.

And what a spread it is.

According to Breitbart News, the South Texas Family Residential Center will hold 2,400 people who have illegally entered the Unites States and will provide “medical care, play rooms, social workers, educational services, and access to legal counsel.”

All at taxpayer expense, of course.

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Add such inviting accommodations to the almost certainty of remaining in the U.S. for at least several years before being “processed” due to the backlog in immigration courts, and it’s easy to see there are more reasons to cross the border than there are deterrences in place not to.

As for the hearings, the Dallas Morning News reported that 18 of 20 illegal immigrant children failed to show up for their scheduled court hearings one random day in July.

Nevertheless, Breitbart reported that the Health and Human Services website says government is required to “feed, shelter, and provide medical care for unaccompanied children until it is able to release them to safe settings with sponsors (usually family members), while they await immigration proceedings.”

And while the southern border has been inundated with illegal immigrants much of the year, with such inviting incentives in place the real question may be why are the numbers so low?

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