Awkward! ‘The Five’ guys insult UAE’s first female pilot: ‘Boobs on the ground’

During the “One More Thing” segment of Fox’s “The Five” Wednesday, co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle applauded the first female pilot for the United Arab Emirates, Major Mariam Al Mansouri, who led Monday’s airstrikes in Syria.

“I hope that hurt extra bad, because in some Arab countries women can’t even drive,” Guilfoyle said.

But the men just had to spoil it.

“Problem is, after she bombed it, she couldn’t park it,” Greg Gutfeld said.

It went downhill from there with a comment from Eric Bolling.

“Would that be considered boobs on the ground?” he asked.

Boys will be boys.

Watch the clip here:

Twitter users were not amused, tweeting this:

Greta Van Susteren was not impressed, making these comments during “On The Record”:

No doubt an apology will be in order soon.

UPDATE: Apology issued!  Fox’s Eric Bolling issues mea culpa for ‘boobs on the ground’ remark

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