11-year-old shoots accused child molester, saves mother’s life during knife attack

An Oklahoma City girl who learned only a week ago how to shoot a gun may have saved her mother’s life – and put her own molester behind bars — when she shot the woman’s ex-boyfriend in the middle of a knife attack.

According to NEWSOK.com, 11-year-old Jayda Milsap fired twice at Leo Henry as Henry attacked Milsap’s mother early Tuesday morning in her mobile home.

Both shots hit, and Henry, 25, staggered outside of the home where police arrested him. He and the girl’s mother, Brandy Moreno, were rushed to Oklahoma University Medical Center and are expected to survive, NEWSOK reported.

According to KFOR 4, Henry had lived with Moreno and her three children in the mobile home until last week, when Moreno got a protective order against him accusing him of molesting the children.

But Moreno didn’t just rely on the paperwork for protection, a neighbor said. She taught Milsap how to use a handgun too.

“(Moreno) just showed the girl how to use the gun last week so she could protect herself,” Shiree Marsee told the news station.

According to NEWSOK, Tuesday’s attack occurred about 4 a.m., when Henry shattered a sliding glass door and broke into the mobile home, attacking Moreno with a knife.

“He stabbed her in the eye, neck and the chest,” said neighbor Carolyn Marsee.

Then Milsap put an end to the attack, with two bullets and a lot of courage.

Neighbors are calling her a hero. Even the sister of the man she shot had kind words to say.

“I salute her because I’m 21-years-old and I don’t know how to use a gun,” Emma Spence told KFOR.

The girl “did the right thing, I don’t care what anybody says,” Carolyn Marsee said. “She saved her mother and her brothers and sisters.”

Check out the KFOR report here.


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