Radical cleric who warned Sean Hannity ‘Shariah law is coming’ arrested in London anti-terror raid

Radical Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary has been arrested in London on suspicion of terrorism. Last month, Choudary gained American attention after ranting in an interview with Fox […]

The iPhone 6 bend test video that’s going viral
The iPhone 6 bend test video that’s going viral

If I was Apple, I’d be worried about this. But if I just bought an iPhone 6, I’d be even worried.

Why is Eric Holder resigning now? Don’t ask him

Attorney General Eric Holder will retire from his post as soon as his successor is confirmed, multiple sources now report. With all that is going on in […]

DC City Council members decry having to follow constitution

On the heels of being forced to adopt a gun carry law, DC City Council members decried the idea of anybody in the city owning a gun. […]

11-year-old shoots accused child molester, saves mother’s life during knife attack

An Oklahoma City girl who learned only a week ago how to shoot a gun may have saved her mother’s life – and put her own molester […]

bin bayyah
Obama touts controversial Islamic cleric who may have backed fatwa on killing US troops

In an effort to curry favor with Muslim countries in the battle against Islamic State militants, President Barack Obama heaped praise upon Islam during Wednesday’s speech before […]

Crazy video: Trooper facing prison after shooting unarmed man during seat belt violation traffic stop

An ex-South Carolina state trooper fired for shooting an unarmed man during a traffic stop over a seat belt violation is facing up to 20 years in […]

Eric Holder
Breaking news: Attorney General Eric Holder to step down

The nation’s first black attorney general will announce his resignation Thursday, a Justice Department official said. Attorney General Eric Holder will continue to serve until the Senate […]

Red light runner
Look at what this woman does at a red light — with 3 police officers watching

If you’re going tobreak the law, you probably should be sure there isn’t a police officer — or three — around to see what you are doing. […]

Feds opening huge taxpayer-funded, amenity-laden housing facility for illegal immigrants

While the Obama administration offers lip service on stemming the flow of illegal immigrants to the southern border, it continues to ramp up efforts to handle the […]

High school orders National Guard recruiter to stop giving away scary, gun-toting soldier T-shirts

A PC-obsessed New York high school ordered a National Guard recruiter to stop giving out promotional T-shirts because the image of an American citizen-soldier holding a gun […]

Trash-talking Karl Rove unloads on ‘I-got-no-strategy’ Obama over ‘latte salute’

If he’s not careful, people are going to start thinking thatKarl Rove doesn’t like President Obama all that much. Having been dubbed the “latte salute,” the president […]