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Waitress brags about the spiteful thing she did with Rush Limbaugh’s $2,000 tips – ‘blood money’

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Things got awkward for a feminist waitress after Rush Limbaugh gave her a generous tip.

In an interview with Dallas News, waitress turned author Merritt Tierce said that Limbaugh and his friend, Al Michaels, dined at her high-end steakhouse in Dallas, Texas twice. They left thoughtful tips of $1000 both times they visited.

Unbeknown to Limbaugh, Tierce was also the executive director Texas Equal Abortion (TEA) Fund, an organization that assists poverty stricken women to pay for their abortions.

Tierce said the tip felt “like blood money.”

To spite Limbaugh, she gave most of the “blood money” to an abortion charity. Oh, the irony.

“It felt like laundering the money in a good way,” she said. “He’s such an obvious target for any feminist or sane person. It was really bizarre to me that he gave me $2,000, and he’s evil incarnate in some ways.”

Because everyone knows that “evil incarnate” tips $1000, right? In all seriousness, these acts of genuine kindness baffle liberals. They can’t imagine Limbaugh being a good and decent person. The left literally devotes campaigns to usher in his ruin. They regularly misquote him, distort his views and make rash claims.

The truth is, Limbaugh practices what he preaches. Such an act from a man who’s “evil incarnate” is quite confusing for a liberal’s psyche. God forbid that Limbaugh is actually a decent human being.

Some Twitter users thought the woman’s actions were ridiculous:

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