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Photo: John Boehner puts liberal comedian Joy Behar in a headlock for heckling him

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When unexpectedly confronted by Joy Behar, a rabid supporter of President Barack Obama, House Speaker John Boehner did what many conservatives have long yearned to do — he put the comedian in a headlock.

No, seriously. Albeit in a playful manner.

Boehner was in the Hamptons attending a fundraiser for state Sen. Lee Zeldin, a local congressional candidate, when he paid a visit to a restaurant owned by disgraced former Democratic politician Anthony Weiner’s brother, according to The New York Post’s Page Six.

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The very liberal Behar was on hand and took advantage of the opportunity to “heckle” Boehner to “stop obstructing President Obama,” Page Six reported.

“I couldn’t resist having some fun,” she told the Post.”I jumped up and told him to stop obstructing President Obama. I am sick of all this deadlock.”

But all the style points Boehner may have gained with the right for the playful headlock were likely lost by what Behar said he told her next.

“Strangely, he replied, ‘I am Obama’s best friend,’” she said.


As seen in the photo above, Almond co-owner Eric Lemonides captured the “embrace” and posted it on Facebook.

And while Behar may not be all that impressed with Boehner’s legislative skills, she was enamored by his virility.

“Boehner had quite a grip,” she told the Post. “For a guy who cries a lot, he’s physically quite strong.”

Weiner took to Twitter to say that the Republican lawmaker was a hit, which prompted an interesting exchange with a follower — and somewhere, Hillary Clinton cringed:

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