Karma! Rapist can’t walk after leap from third-story window to escape victim’s sister

The sister of the intended victim of an attempted rape got up close video of the woman’s attacker after he jumped out of a three-story window trying to escape – and hurt himself pretty badly in the process.

According to reports, the thug met his target when he answered a cell phone she lost at a local convenience store. He seemed “nice.”

After two days of texting, the two met at the woman’s sister’s home, ostensibly so the man could return the phone.

Instead, he brought a large knife, robbed the woman and attempted to rape her. Her sister came to her defense, and the attacker jumped out of a bedroom window to escape.

Here’s the woman’s story from her Facebook account, where she uses the name Lele Realchick.

“Thiis nigga tried to rape me on the Westside ova my sis house….I lost my phone at the store an when I called it he was nice an said he will bring ir to me.soooo my. Sis stay n an apartment I told him meet me on the third floor..my sis door rite by the elevator so soon I. Open my. Sis door the nigga came n with a knife an

told me drop everything…im like ok my ais n the her son room sleep….so he make me go n the other room tell me he been watching me he bout to fuck me an now im his…I freaked out an was bout! Tp jump out the window…he like u to crazy walk me out im walkn him out he! Take me by my hair. Open the room door where my sis was an start swing n the knife at her she fucked him up an ran him out….she recorded him “

After crawling away, he escaped in a red or maroon van and Cleveland police are looking for him, Fox 8 reports.

They don’t need to publicize a description, since his mug’s right here.

But if he’s walking at all, he’s probably got a pretty bad limp.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

Check out the video, via Facebook.



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