Fox’s Tantaros takes on feminists’ smearing Miss America; ‘angry chicks that hate really attractive women”

Andrea Tantaros hit ’em where it hurts.

“The Five” co-host was responding Tuesday to a feminist website’s smear job on new Miss America Kira Kazantsev that accused Kazantsev of being some kind of sadistic sorority witch so vicious she had to be drummed out of the sisterhood.

Tantaros was brutally frank to the feminists. Check out the video here, via YouTube.

“This angry website that tried to out her –– it’s a bunch of angry chicks that just hate on really attractive women –– they should find something else better to do,” she said. “This is a total nothing burger.”

She was actually being kind. It’s less than nothing.

The hack job, “Miss America was kicked out of her sorority for abusive hazing,” had a kernel of truth – Kazatsev was forced to resign from the Alpha Phi sorority – but the rest of it is mainly irrelevant. The meatiest part is a couple of horror stories of sorority hazings that sound  likea lesbian porn movie.

The stories might or might not have been true, they might or might not have had anything to do with Kazantsev’s own sorority, they might or might not have had anything to do with Kazantsev herself — and the article admits as much. But they are definitely titillating and feature, without saying so, very attractive women. (Read the article. It doesn’t work unless they are, really.)

Jezebel has said there are more developments to come, but unless there are real porn photos of Kazatsev a la Vanessa Williams 30 years ago, anything they come up with is unlikely to change the picture much. But the hatchet job has already done the job for Jezebel, pulling the usual progressive trick of combing feigned outrage with commercial appeal — the way PETA uses pictures of beautiful naked celebrities (all women) to push its intellectually incoherent, inherently dishonest agenda.

How feminist is Jezebel.com?

Without even trying, here are two articles pulled at random while finding the Miss America hatchet piece: “Your boobs are poised for a major breakthrough”; and “Over 22 years old? Men find you less and less attractive every day.”

It’s basically Cosmo, except the writing’s not as good.

What’s funny is the website headlined a short piece about Tantaros’s comments with a meant-to-be-cheeky “Fox News has Jezebel dot com pegged.”

That was the truest thing on the website.

And Tantaros hit ’em where it hurt.

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