Embarrassing new White House fence reinforced with signs; ALL CAPS, that ought to work, guys!

After a couple of recent episodes where individuals scaled the existing 7.5-foot wrought iron fence surrounding the White House, those tasked with protecting the facility and its inhabitants added a whole new layer of security — a four-foot barricade held together with white plastic cable ties.

The added measure was widely reported, but the crack security team was not finished. To further ramp up security, police have added yellow signs that say: “Police Line, Do Not Cross.”

In all caps! No deranged lunatic would dare think of disobeying that.

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Huffington Post reported Ryan J. Reilly — yes, the same reporter who can’t tell the difference between ear plugs and rubber bullets — tweeted a photo of the additional security measure being implemented:

As expected, that’s all it took to unleash a torrent of snark at a very serious problem. Here is a sampling of responses to Reilly:

Tom Tillison


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