D’Souza’s reaction to judges sentence; what he says he’ll do in confinement

D'souzaFilmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, who pleaded guilty to making an illegal campaign donation to a friend, was sentenced on Tuesday to five years of probation with community service, avoiding any jail time.

In an exclusive, the fierce critic of President Obama appeared on the “The Kelly File” to say prosecutors were determined to put him behind bars for 10-16 months.

“My own country tried to get me and put me away, and the court said no,” he told Fox News host Megyn Kelly.

Ironically, it was a Bill Clinton-appointed judge.

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“Only you, Dinesh, could walk away from this kind of an experience where you admit that you committed a felony, you were facing 16 months in jail, and now, the whole process has restored your faith in America and the judicial system, and it’s made you love the country even more,” Kelly said.

The filmmaker will be required to live in a community confinement center in San Diego for eight months, and teach English to new immigrants — and he’s “very happy to do it.”

Kelly asked D’Souza what he’s going to do in a community confinement center.

“Believe me, they’re all gonna be Republicans by the end of it,” he promised with a laugh.

Tom Tillison


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