12 days later, New York Times offers what Dana Perino calls a ‘heckuva correction’

Nearly two weeks after The New York Times showed its perpetual bias for President Obama, the once-respected newspaper is eating its words.

In a Sept. 11 article on President Obama’s announced plans to combat Islamic State, The Times wrote, “unlike Mr. Bush, Mr. Obama has sought to surround the United States with partners,”National Review reported.

One problem: The claim is false. National Review pointed out that former President George W. Bush’s coalition was more extensive than Obama’s current efforts, with thousands of ground troops from different countries and more than three dozen nations offering support in some way.

Despite the misinformation, it took The Times 12 days to admit the “incorrect comparison” in a correction printed Tuesday. Fox News’ Dana Perino was among the first to comment on what she called one “heckuva correction.”

Other Twitter users responded similarly:

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