New fence erected at the White House is beyond embarrassing; come on guys!

Apparently, the U.S. Secret Service consulted with Harry “The border is secure” Reid before adding a new layer of security around the White House.

The 10-foot wrought iron fence surrounding the White House is now itself surrounded by a four-foot fence held together with white plastic cable ties.

The additional security was prompted by the successful intrusion last week of Omar Gonzalez, an Army veteran of the Iraq War who family members say suffers from PTSD.

Gonzales scaled the 10-foot fence before making it into the White House. It is difficult to see how an additional shorter fence would have prevented that.

There’s no word yet as to whether Gonzalez will be granted executive amnesty after the midterms, but security measures around the White House are still under review, according to WRC.

No kidding.


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