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Man trashes cops, releases video of ‘harassment’ at traffic stop; police have VERY different video

Photo Credit: WCBS-TV

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An attempt to film supposedly abusive police officers backfired for one man, when the cops used their own footage to back up their version of events.

Hoping to capitalize on the rising number of viral videos showing cops overstepping their authority, Leonard Cephas posted a YouTube video that he suggested showed police racially targeting him.

“I’m scared right now for my life because stuff are happening to black people,” the video shows Cephas saying to the officer through his closed window. “Am I being detained?”

Unfortunately for Cephas, the officer’s dashboard camera captured him speeding through a stop sign, prompting the traffic stop, according to WCBS-TV.

Officers reported they also smelled marijuana coming from Cephas’ car, offering another possible explanation for why he kept his window shut.

Even after Cephas refused to roll down the window, officers waited for 30 minutes before breaking the glass and arresting Cephas, WCBS-TV reported.

Cephas told WCBS he was simply tired of getting out of the car every time a police officer decided to stop him.
Two bags of marijuana were recovered from Cephas’ car, according to the police report. Cephas maintained his innocence. He faces charges of driving under the influence and resisting arrest, WCBS reported.

Watch the footage here:

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