Man trashes cops, releases video of ‘harassment’ at traffic stop; police have VERY different video

An attempt to film supposedly abusive police officers backfired for one man, when the cops used their own footage to back up their version of events. Hoping […]

New fence erected at the White House is beyond embarrassing; come on guys!

Apparently, the U.S. Secret Service consulted with Harry “The border is secure” Reid before adding a new layer of security around the White House. The 10-foot wrought […]

Team banner topples Mighty Mites football team in hilarious pile-up

The kids on the Mighty Mites football team may need a little work on the “mighty” part. Crashing through a vinyl banner after the first home […]

Giant 100-yard penis burned into HS football field; you won’t believe who did it

There’s no place like homecoming. A 50-year-old mother, her 16-year-old daughter and another teenager are facing a felony charge after using weed killer to burn the shape […]

Obama ‘salutes’ Marines with coffee cup; no shred of respect!

This is how the president salutes the military he’s sending to war? Coffee cup in hand, a distracted shrug and barely a glance of his shaded eyes […]

Clueless climate change hypocrites litter the streets of NYC

On Sunday, the left descended on New York City to make a point about climate change. They made a point, all right, but probably not the one […]

Obama’s long-time ‘girlfriend’ breaks-up with him in new conservative ad

The conservative PACAmericans for d Prosperity has given the left’s twisted “war on women” mantra a new perspective. A new video poised to hit national airwaves over […]

SO restaurant sign 2
‘We don’t give a s**t about MSG’: Angry owner posts window sign blasting picky food Nazis

A San Francisco restaurant ownercreated a social media explosion when he abruptly closed his business temporarily, citing “picky eaters” as the reason. SO restaurant owner and chef […]

Real hope and change: Millennial blonde offers ‘Top 10 Reasons I’m Not a Democrat’

If every millenial can get this smart, the future’s bright. Elly Maye, a young conservative from Minnesota is trying to make up for the state that gave […]

Ferguson meeting
DOJ bans media, non-residents from future Ferguson town hall meetings

After Ferguson, Mo., issued a press release promoting five town hall meetings to address concerns of the community, the Department of Justice informed the city that no […]

Bondi scooby
Florida Five: Hillary to stump with Crist, Medical marijuana, same-sex marriage divide AG candidates

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Hillary Clinton to stump with Charlie Crist Oct. 2 in Miami:Former Secretary of State and early 2016 […]

Charges dropped for Florida mom who allowed son to play at park unsupervised

A singlemom was charged inJuly after letting her son play unsupervised at a neighborhood park. Florida officials dropped a charge ofchild neglect against Nicole Gainey, a Port […]