Man attempts to stop woman’s attack by filming it; won’t back down when thugs go after him

A St. Louis, Mo., man happened across an attack on a woman in broad daylight, when he broke out his smartphone and refused to back down.

Andrew Doty, a freelance editor, and his girlfriend were walking down the street Thursday when they came across what they thought was a woman being attacked in the back seat of an SUV, according to St. Louis Today.

“We knew someone was being attacked, and I immediately started filming,” Doty told St. Louis Today. “It was just something we felt obligated to do in the moment.”

Amateur video can help solve crimes, Doty said, as he recounted the incident reported to police.

“People who know they are being watched and recorded act much differently than when they know the camera is off,” he said.

Two of the men approached Doty telling him to stop filming.

Doty refused, telling the men, “You guys need to sort your shit out, and get it out of here. That’s it. Stop fighting on the street.”

While the attack continued, one man approached Doty, saying, “Put that up,” and attempted to bump up against him, forcing him to back up.

Doty and the attackers went at it, with the thugs unsure as to what to do with a guy who was recording their every move, when they finally retreated back to the car.

But Doty continued following the guys – smartphone in hand – filming until two men turned and ran back at him, trying to get his phone. Doty shoved it into his pocket, but the audio continued.

While the video is black the men attempt to attack Doty, and their screams can be heard when his girlfriend pepper-sprayed them.

“I knew that as long as I kept asserting myself and letting them know that I wasn’t scared of them, that I was in control of my own body,” Doty told St. Louis Today. “I just kept filming because I felt that was the important thing to do in the moment.”

Sherrie Saffore, a witness, said it was an “extremely dangerous” situation and she feared for Doty’s life.

“I just kept thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, this man is crazy,’” she said. “He never put the cellphone down. He kept the cellphone in their face.”

Police arrested two men and a third is still being sought. The woman allegedly being attacked in the video refused to press charges and is not cooperating with authorities, Raw Story reported.

Watch the video here via YouTube. Warning: Very graphic language.

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