You’ll die laughing: Jewish activist group threatens to shred ‘Hipster Hitler’ comic book

Activist Jews are outraged over publication of a comic book that tries to see the humor in Adolf Hitler.

Photo Credit: The Blaze

The book is a print version of a 4-year-old website comic called “Hipster Hitler,” that portrays the demonic dictator as an ironic, glasses-wearing geekish sort who gets his jollies by dreaming up madcap ideas for the Third Reich like invading Poland with comic sidekicks like Hermann Goering and Joseph Goebels.

So what could go wrong?

“It’s offensive to people like me who have had family members killed in the Holocaust,” said Shania Angel, a member of London Stands with Israel, according to the U.K.-based website Ham & High.

Angel, who told Ham & High her grandmother was killed by the Nazis, said her group would protest outside stores that agreed to stock the book.

“The book is a disgrace and should be banned,” she said. “T-shirts are now being sold of Hipster Hitler – it’s turning Hitler into a cute and trendy character.”

But the American authors who started the website, James Carr and Archana Kumar, describe their work as “parody” only.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

On the website, they maintain the purpose is to make fun of the conformist thinking that makes dictatorship possible and stress that they do not include themes from the Holocaust or other material that debases Hitler’s victims.

“In the process of satirizing Hitler’s thoughts, actions and logic, we’re taking a few digs at a contemporary subculture of urban, middle-class youth that fetishize the ‘authentic’ and conform to non-conformism,” they state.

London Stands with Israel members don’t buy it. But they might buy all the books, just to destroy them.

“If we can’t get shops to stop selling copies, we’ll buy and shred them all,” another member told Ham & High. “Since when was it OK to promote Hitler as a cool person?”

That’s a good question. What kind of sane society would promote a vicious, racist mass murder as some kind of cultural icon – with all his sins morphed into a marketing scheme for some sort of generic rebellion against conformity?

If you haven’t seen a “Che” T-shirt lately, Amazon’s got ’em.

And American hipsters have ’em too.


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