Chick-fil-A or Starbucks country? Chuck Todd’s new midterm breakdown looks good for the GOP

New “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd host is well known for having a taste for politics.

chucktodd0921newBut he took that taste to a different level Sunday when he added a new breakdown for American politics that goes beyond the traditional red state-blue state divide.

Todd offered the “Starbucks Country vs. Chick-fil-A Country” model of political science in 2014 America: Basically the urban centers dominated by Democrats (and Starbucks franchises) against the ex-urban, nearly rural areas where Republicans and, Todd imagines, Chick-fil-As dominate.

Allowing for a certain amount of poetic license, it’s as validas the Cracker Barrel vs. Whole Foods breakdown from the 2012 election. (That year, Obama won 77 percent of counties that had a Whole Foods markets; 29 percent of those that had a Cracker Barrel.)

Starbucks, of course, is the coffee shop world of liberals who just know they’re smarter than the rest of the country – and think maybe the whole problem with the United States is all those rubes who live between the coasts.

Chick-fil-A, on the other hand is famous for its owners’ devout Christianity, which  keeps the chain closed on Sundays and gets it flash-mobbed periodically by gay activists looking for material for their Facebook feeds.

So check out Todd’s analysis via YouTube.

If he’s right, Republicans are going to have a lot to crow about this fall.


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