Supermodel Kathy Ireland says shameful, misogynistic NFL started with Janet Jackson’s ‘nip slip’

Actress Kathy Ireland used an homage to singer Janet Jackson to bash the NFL.

After a lengthy series of tweets honoring the 25th anniversary of Jackson’s song, “Rhythm Nation,” Ireland said the NFL’s issues with women started in 2004, when Jackson suffered a severe backlash for her infamous “nip slip” during the Super Bowl halftime show.

The incident exemplified everything that is wrong with the misogynistic NFL, the former supermodel said.

Here’s what she said:

@JanetJackson deliberately exploited & twisted the gifts of this artist because of her growing influence & power. The NFL issues with women — kathy ireland (@kathyireland) September 19, 2014

But a few Twitter users were not convinced:

h/t Twitchy

Hannah Bleau


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