Precious, strong mother holds on to life long enough to dance at only son’s wedding

A Dublin, Calif., woman battling terminal breast cancer rallied herself for a special event she couldn’t bear to miss– the Sept. 5 wedding of her only son.

Although she had been confined to a wheelchair for months and needed help walking, 61-year-old Mary Ann Manning surprised many of the guests when she managed to dance with her son, Ryan, at his reception.

Mary Ann had been fighting her cancer for three years, but she was willing to do “whatever” it took to attend the event, according to KTVU.

“She wanted to get to this wedding,” said daughter Kristie Manning. “She didn’t care how she had to do it, whether that meant pumping more chemo in her body, whatever.”

For months, family members had had to help Mary Ann with almost anything she wanted to do. She often seemed to be on the verge of losing her battle.

“It was incredibly emotional, especially to see her pop out of the wheelchair,” said daughter Karie Chamberlain. “To see her just jump up, it was amazing.”

Ryan said dancing with his mom to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” was “very special.”

“I think that everybody kind of realized what they were seeing and what they were seeing was an incredibly strong woman doing a magnificent thing. A miracle,” he said.

“There is absolutely no doubt that that woman, a very strong woman, fought incredibly hard to get to that point,” he added.

Their dance was captured on a video that will forever testify to her strength of will and her love for her son.

Mary Ann Manning lost her battle with breast cancer three days later.


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