Bill Maher chose the worst reason ever to pick on Fox; ‘The Five’ hosts spank the little crybaby

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Comedian and talk show host Bill Maher accused Fox News recently for polarizing the American people, clearly ignoring Gallup polls that show President Obama shares most of that blame.

On Thursday, Fox News’ “The Five” hit back, with co-host Greg Gutfeld leading the charge.

“He’s right!” Gutfeld said. “If it weren’t for Fox, we’d all be in lockstep because the rest of the media is as compliant as pizza dough. So Maher’s really whining about competition — we’d all get along if you just agreed with him. It’s a nostalgia shared by the president, harkening back to when liberals owned the playing field, the teams, the refs, the cheerleaders. So now a new team arrives, FNC, kicks your butt, and you scream, ‘Polarization!’”

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Liberals just don’t like competition, Gutfeld said. Co-host Andrea Tantaros agreed.

“Before Fox News, there was nowhere to get the other side of the story,” Tantaros said, pointing out that the Obama White House has a history of coordinating with other news networks to get out its message.

“What’s the problem here, Bill?” co-host Eric Bolling added. “You’ve got NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, Media Matters, HuffPo, Politico, the White House briefing room, all on your side.”

Watch the exchange via YouTube as the crew dismantles Maher’s argument with little effort:

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