VIDEO: Muslim fast food worker goes ballistic, threatens customer for asking for bacon

The counterterrorism raids in Australia this week  revealing a plot by ISIS to behead at least one random person in public resulted in a raised terror alert level and another international wake-up call.

But the irrational behavior of radical Muslims isn’t new to Australia.

The following YouTube video from 2011 has re-circulated through social media in the past week showing an incident in Sydney at a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. The KFC in the video chose to appease Muslims by not serving bacon, and one unfortunate customer was treated to a screeching verbal assault for asking why.

The manager tried to calm the maniac employee down but his rage was uncontrollable. In fairness, the video doesn’t show the exchange before the psychotic episode began, but the manager seemed calm enough.

Surely this could never happen in the United States, right? “There are at least 2 KFCs in Dearborn, Mich. that are “halal” (meat slaughtered along with Islamic prayers and a ban on pork products),” according to Top Right News.


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