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Shep Smith becomes ‘pitbull’ to ‘weenie’ Josh Earnest; bets his lifetime earnings this won’t happen . . .

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White House press secretary Josh Earnest appeared on Fox News for the first time Thursday and by the time host Shepard Smith was finished with him, it could be a while before he goes on the network again.

The discussion centered on the White House “strategy” to take on Islamic State militants and Earnest  wasn’t about to confuse Smith’s bulldogging with what he might experience at MSNBC.

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One particular exchange focused on Muslim countries in the so-called coalition, with Smith betting his lifetime earnings at Fox News that they would not step up:

Smith: “Like Saudi Arabia’s going to have boots over there? Or Jordan?”

Earnest: “Well, I will let the individual members of the coalition announce the commitments that they are prepared to make.”

Smith: “There will be no commitment from those two. I will bet every penny I will ever make at this network.”

Earnest: “That’s a substantial bet, Shep.”

Smith: “It is a substantial bet and it’s a good bet because it’s not going to happen and the whole world knows it.

The full interview can be seen on the Fox News video here:

Smith’s grilling of Earnest served as quick fodder for Twitter users to jump in with their thoughts of the interview:

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