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See Hillary Clinton selfie Nancy Pelosi says might ‘break the Internet’

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The Center for American Progress hosted an event on women’s economic security Thursday, and they invited top liberal feminists leaders like Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Patty Murray and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

As a featured guest at the event, Clinton took the opportunity to take a few jabs at Republicans for their “anti-women” policies while making the case for universal childcare and equal wages, National Journal reported.

Of her most notable statements, Clinton said that Americans aren’t doing enough to empower women.

“Why are we leaving 10 percent on the table because we don’t do enough to give women the support they need to be empowered, to give them the support they need to take care of themselves and their families?” Clinton asked.

Of course, the women leaders did what any group of empowered women would do. They took a selfie. ­– a world changing, Internet breaking selfie, according to Pelosi that is.

Most Twitter users were not amused:

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Hannah Bleau


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