Foul mouthed Barbie
‘WTF?’ Foul-mouthed talking Barbie shocks UK mom, Mattel responds

A young North Wales mother was shocked when the Barbie doll she bought for her seven-year-old daughter was spewing questionable language – including “What the f**k?” “I […]

VIDEO: Muslim fast food worker goes ballistic, threatens customer for asking for bacon

The counterterrorism raids in Australia this week  revealing a plot by ISIS to behead at least one random person in public resulted in a raised terror alert level and […]

Jeb Bush
Florida Five: What Rupert Murdoch thinks about Jeb for prez, Florida candidate has ‘Allen West’s back’

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Florida Insider Poll shows growing doubts Charlie Crist will beat Rick Scott: The race between Rick Scott and […]

See Hillary Clinton selfie Nancy Pelosi says might ‘break the Internet’

The Center for American Progress hosted an event on women’s economic security Thursday, and they invited top liberal feminists leaders like Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Patty Murray and […]

Surveillance City: Public workers, police to wear body cameras in Miami Beach

Miami Beach has a reputation for being Florida’s fashion capital. True to form, city employees will soon be outfitted with a new accessory — body cameras. The recording […]

ISIS plot to behead random people off streets thwarted in Australia – ‘Protip: Americans carry guns’

Fifteen people were arrested in Australia Thursday after officials obtained intelligence data suggesting that members of the Islamic State planned on performing “public beheadings” to demonstrate their […]