Obama, Biden appear in new Hollywood PSA to stop rape; because that’s THEIR job?

Armed with a cool hashtag “#ItsOnUs,President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden offered their voices to a new PSA the White House promoted Friday to bring awareness to sexual assault.

It’s a worthy cause and kudos to the Hollywood stars who found time in their busy Starbucks-sipping lives to film it, but seriously, why are the president and vice president taking time away from their actual jobs to do this?

The thought of Frick and Frack in the Oval Office looking for ways to appear to be doing something important while the world crumbles around them is nauseating. Someone please make it stop!

The White House says “we all have a role to play in stopping sexual assault.” I beg to differ. I’m a woman and I would like for MY president and vice president to put their efforts into other things right now, please.

I am kind of fond of my head and would like to keep it.

Michele Kirk


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